Classic 4 column Cast Iron Radiators 630mmX1050mmmm - 10 Sections  - £278.00

Colrads Column Radiators - the UKs only bespoke steel coumn radiators

Classic 4 column cast iron radiators at 1050mm high are the tallest in our range of cast iron radiators. Classic cast iron radiators are a great choice for both period properties and new homes, with their clean lines and excellent heat output.

Our Classic range of cast iron radiators is a new interpretation of perhaps the most popular series of cast iron radiators ever made. Classic cast iron radiators first appeared in the interwar period and new moulds appeared as fashions changed. Classic cast iron radiators have always been a well thought out family of radiators, so that Classic Cast Iron Radiators can be used throughout your property. 

Colrads Column Radiators 492mm - 3 column and 10 sections
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Classic 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators 1050mm Technical Specifications

Number of Columns 2 Column 2 Column 3 Column 3 Column 4 Column 4 Column 4 Column 4 Column 5 Column
Section Height  650mm 1050mm 650mm 750mm 500mm 650mm 750mm 1050mm 650mm
BTU's per section (ΔT=60) 180 300 250 300 240 320 375 520 410
BTU's per section (ΔT=50) 142 237 197 237 189 252 296 410 323
Watts per section (ΔT=60) 53 89 73 88 70 94 110 152 120
Watts per section (ΔT=50) 41 70 57 69 55 74 86 120 94
Radiator Depth  70mm 70mm 110mm 110mm 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm 220mm
Section Length  60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm

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All Colrads Column Radiators are CE rated

Classic Cast Iron Radiators are cast using original moulds in a European Foundry. This cast iron radiator has a late Victorian or Edwardian appearance and remains popular in traditional properties, restorations as well as modern properties.

  • Classic Cast Iron Radiators made using original casting process in Europe
  • Available in any size and in a range of finishes including painted, polished
  • Hand-built and delivered fully assembled
  • Tested to conform to BS EN442-1 & BS EN444-2
  • Pressure tested to 8 bar
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Guaranteed Cast Iron Purity - Technical Specifications Sheet available

We have worked with a European foundry to develop a range of Classic Cast Iron Radiators fit for the demands of modern and period properties. With paper gaskets and European levels of casting tolerance, this range of cast iron radiators are simply the best available in the UK today.

We assemble all of our cast iron radiators at our factory in North Yorkshire. We have a strict quality control process to ensure that each and every cast iron radiator is of the highest quality. All radiators are delivered to you fully assembled and tested in accordance with the British Standard. They also have a full 25 year guarantee to ensure peace of mind for years to come.