Step one of column radiators​​​​​​​Column Radiators Purchasing Guide

We stock the widest range of column radiators and the widest range of finishes in the UK - we pride ourselves at providing great choice at honest value. However, this huge choice of radiators and finishes can be challenging to navigate. Below is a brief guide in choosing the right column radiators and the right finish for you. This guide assumes you have read the frequently asked questions section of this site.

Choose the right Column Radiators for you.

You may know exactly what type of Column Radiator you want, in which case, scroll down to the Choose the right Finish for you section.
Our column radiators are split into different groups - Colrads Column Radiators, Standard Column Radiators, Aluminium Radiators and Classic Cast Iron Radiators. Column Radiators are available in Steel, Aluminium or Cast Iron.

Colrads Column Radiators- Steel Column Radiators
We stock two different types of Steel Column Radiators - Colrads and Standard. Colrads are available in a range of different sizes and heat outputs and can be sized to your exact requirements. Colrads can also be painted and finished in any RAL colour or using any branded paint such as Farrow and Ball or Sandersons paint. Colrads are the most versatile range of steel column radiators in the UK. Standard Steel Column Radiators are available in a limited number of the most popular sizes, heat out outputs and in three common colours

Aluminium Column Radiators- Aluminium Column Radiators are not re sizable but are available in a specific number of sizes, powder coated finishes and heat outputs. Aluminium Column Radiators are assembled as a series of columnar aluminium extrusions that are assembled with joining threads. The benefit of using aluminium is that this material transmits heat slightly better than steel or cast iron and tend to have a slightly higher heat output. Aluminium column radiators are available in a series of modern styles and look fantastic with contemporary decoration. 

Classic Cast Iron Radiators- Cast Iron Column Radiators are the most expensive and are the most difficult to handle (because of their weight). Cast Iron is a pretty much timeless material. Our Classic Cast Iron Radiators have a 25 year guarantee but will almost certainly last a lifetime. Cast Iron Radiators has the widest variety of finishes and can be assembled to your exact requirements. Our partner company Cast Iron Radiators Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of traditional cast iron radiators in the UK.

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